Our company will build the AT1000 printer for Magnitogorst Iron Factory

Our company won a tender for the production and supply to the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works (http://eng.mmk.ru) of the printer AT1000 for printing sand molds. The distributor of VoxelJet, which produces similar printers, as well as several companies promoting on the market the technology of printing molds from resin-coated shell sand took part in the tender. At the first stage of the tender, in fact, the technology was selected by comparing the main parameters: the speed of growth and the self-cost of the forms. Since the technology of sintering of resin-coated shell sand sand lags the speed of construction from polymerization technology (Bind Jetting technology) by more than 10 times, and the cost of a ton of resin-coated shell sand is almost 30 times more expensive than the cost of sand applicable for BJ, the choice naturally falls on the technology of layer-by-layer polymerization, which lays in the base of our printers. Comparison of other technical and economic parameters led to the selection of our company as the winner of the tender.

The printer AT1000 will be built with the participation of the company Zias Machinery (http://zias-machinery.ru). We plan to assemble the printer on their site in Barnaul.

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