All units of the AT 1000 printer for the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel factory were manufactured. Construction began at a factory in Barnaul on June 15th. Printer's delivery is scheduled for September 2019.


Our company printed a series of sand moulds sets for producing castings from heat-resistant steel (temperature - 1800 С). The total weight of the forms exceeded 700 kg, six parts were cast in it, they were weighing from 800 kg to 1100 kg. 

Printing of the moul...


In the foundry of the armature plant RUST-95, the steel eccentric was cast into a sand mould printed on our printer. The weight of the part was 100 kg. The form was printed on the AT700 printer and consisted of three parts, with a total weight of 153 kg. Analysis of th...


February 18, 2019 Patent obtained "A method of manufacturing three-dimensional objects of complex shape from sand-polymer systems." The priority for the invention was secured in 2015. The rightholder is LLC "Additive Technologies".


Our company together with the company Promkhimtek completed a cycle of experiments on the development of domestic binding materials for printing molds. The results of the experiments showed that the properties of the forms printed on the new resin significantly exceed...


A dealer agreement was signed between Additive Technologies LLC and Rusatom - Additive Technologies LLC. The company “Rusatom - Additive Technologies” was created in the perimeter of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM as an industry center for the development...


Our company held a seminar for representatives of the Almaz-Antey concern and the steelmaking company Severstal on the introduction of additive technologies in the production. The issues of the advantages of printing sand casting molds over traditional methods were ana...


Metrological service of the Baltic plant carried out test measurements of the casting mold for casting a screw propeller, printed on our printer AT700. Analysis of the results shows that the geometry of the mold parts very well corresponds to the computer model (within...


A new version of the print management system was developed.  Implementation of new system allowed to reduce the time of printing of one layer to 20 seconds. Now the full bunker on the AT 700 (with dimensions of 700X700X500 mm) is printed for 7 hours, which allows you t...


Our company has written a contract for the manufacture of a large number of molds for the subsidiary company of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom OOO RUSATOM-Additive Technologies. The order will be printed on our AT700 printer

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