3D printer for small branch production


Laboratory additive printing system AT300 (3D printer) is intended for development of technology and a small branch production of three-dimensional (3D) products from powder materials. 


The system allows to obtain products of high complexity and of any configuration for various applications - sand casting molds, ceramic molds for metal agglomeration, 3D plastic products for prototyping and advertising.


Installation of the AT300 system is particularly demanded by design bureaus, institutes and laboratories. 

Core advantages: 


  • application of various materials and technologies

  • possibility of obtaining products of any complexity 

  • high solidity of products

  • ability to quickly carry out scientific researches

  • economical efficiency

  • full automation of the process


The best tool for development of new technologies: 


  • ability to change modes in wide ranges

  • quick debugging of new materials

Materials used:


  • quartz casting sand

  • silicate casting sand

  • ceramic powder

  • powdered polyamid

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