Indstrial 3D printer for large forms

Industrial additive sysem AT2000 (3D printer) is designed to produce large-sized three-dimensional (3D) products from powder materials.


The system allows to obtain products of high-complexity and any configuration for various applications with a high speed: casting sand molds, ceramic molds for metal agglomeration, 3D plastic products for marketing and advertising.


A large job box (2000x1000x500mm) allows to build large forms and parts needed at industrial enterprises.


Core advantages: 

- application of various materials and technologies

- Possibility of obtaining products of any complexity

- High solidity of products

- Ability to quickly carry out scientific researches

- Economical efficiency

- Full automation of the process

- Ability to change modes in wide ranges

- Use of traditional casting materials

- Does not require any change in the foundry


Materials used:

- Quartz casting sand

- Silicate casting sand

- Eramic powder

- Powdered polyamide

Screen Shot 2019-07-07 at 22.51.35.png